Genesis Nano Suit

Genesis Nano Suit

Feel the power of Genesis. This Sci-Fi suit was specifically made to fit the Genesis base and allow you to take advantage of the morph-shaping technology. This suit has a huge support base of 11 shapes, which include Basic-Male, Basic-Female, Basic-Child, Anubis, Troll, V4, M4, H4, F4, A4, and the Girl 4.

There’s a great set of sci-fi presets, 20 in all, plus 10 shader presets so you can create your own Mat sets. Included in this product are conforming props, Ninja Swords and Hand Blades for both left and right hands, not to mention a huge Laser Gun to blast your way out of trouble. It also comes with hand grips for all the props, and gold and silver Mat presets. The suit has 2 built-in morphs, Hide-Helmet and Hide-Visor. This is a must have for all you Sci-Fi and Genesis fans.

Genesis Nano Suit

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  1. Nice!
    This body armor makes me think of the “Lady” character from the japanese comics “Space Adventure Cobra”
    Anybody got a Psycho gun, just let me know…

    Thanks for sharing agata.

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