Glyn Hair

Glyn morphing hair prop is a tousled, grown out hairstyle. A carefully cultivated mess! Fitted for DAZ 3D’s Michael 4, Victoria 4, Aiko 4, (plus Realistic, American, Realistic Classic, Stylized), Michael 3, Victoria 3, Aiko 3 (plus Realistic), Hiro 3 (plus Realistic), Stephanie Petite 3, David 3, Luke, Laura, Matt, Maddie, Mil Baby 3, and also Apollo Maximus. Custom morphs dials allow you to mix them together to match your own custom character, ex. Aiko4=0.3 plus American=0.3.
Various texture colors are included plus diffuse color setting samples. The diffuse color samples show how you can easily create your own tints by changing the diffuse color of the hair.