God Of The Sea Tentacles Props and Poses for Genesis 8

God Of The Sea Tentacles Props and Poses for Genesis 8

⟣ God Of The Sea Tentacles Props and Poses for Genesis 8 ⟢
Turn any character into a god of the sea, a monster of fantasy, or a mythical creature with God Of The Sea Tentacles Props and Poses for Genesis 8, a new Outfit for both male and female!

This outfit includes an octopus lower body that comes in two versions, for Genesis 8 Male, and for Genesis 8 Female, and a crown and trident, and 10 poses for male and female, to turn any character into a God of The Sea. With maximum control over all its 8 tentacles, that twist and move in all directions, it can look great both in still renders and animations.

You can use this outfit with any character, casual and human ones, or fantasy characters, as long as they are based on Genesis 8. Perfect for gods of the ocean, mythical creatures, monsters of horror and fantasy, and anything that you can imagine.

Octopus Body

The octopus body part comes in two versions: for Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female. All the tentacles are fully rigged, each one with 21 bones. Posing them is easy because we have included dials to pose them (pose controls). For each tentacle, there are 3 dials: twist, bend up and down, and coil to left or right. There are also 3 dials of complex posing that can be mixed together to quickly get awesome octopus poses. There is also a Size morph that scales the tentacles, so you can make them smaller or thick and huge.

Posing is very easy: for example, you can use one or several of the 3 dials of complex posing, and then use the 3 dials of each tentacle that you want to modify. If you want even more customization, you can select a series of bones and pose them using their rotations. Another way is just by using the twist, bend and coil dials of each tentacle.


The crown has adjustment morphs to help you to use it with different hairs. An already made hair fit for male and female is included for our Valhalla Hair, and you can use the morphs and translate and rotate dials to adjust it to others. The crown also has icons to add or remove the fish scales. The trident includes a pose control to turn and invert the grip, so you can hold it up or down.


There are 8 full material presets that set the materials for the full outfit at once. Then you can use the partial materials for each piece independently, to make your own look as you wish: 8 metals for the crown, matching metals for the trident, and 8 materials for the octopus body.

Poses The pack contains 10 poses for the outfit and Genesis 8 Male, and the same poses for Genesis 8 Female, so you can make scenes easier. There is a reset pose, a zero legs pose, and a hand pose, that you can use to build your own poses. You can use this outfit with other poses too, just apply them, and then apply the hand and legs pose, and they will look right.


Works with all the Genesis 8 Male and Female Body Morphs, as all of them have been included when needed, which means full freedom to use any of those morphs in your creations.

God Of The Sea Tentacles Props and Poses is A must-have for your Genesis 8 Male and Female fantasy renders!

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God Of The Sea Tentacles Props and Poses for Genesis 8