Gothic Lolita For Aiko 3

Standing before the leaded crystal mirror in her gothic parlor, Aiko let her fingers luxuriate in the sensation of velvet. Two wonderful garments arrived, made just for her, and she wonders who they are from, the devilish grin running from corner to corner as her fancy runs from dark suitor to dark suitor. One is moon blue, embossed with delicate lace roses on its back, sleeves and front. The other is blooded cut red velvet embellished with a winged bat on its back, swirls cut out of the bodice and sleeves. Delicate lace of bats and roses trimmed wrists, waist, neck and front opening. Oh, and the skirts: layers of sparkling krinkle-chiffon with beds of tiny roses. Long, short, and more with velvet overskirts in colors matching the delicate jackets. Graceful lace caps in two patterns and colors, and sprite bows similarly hued. A purse for each outfit, red with a bat, blue with a lace flower. Parasols: black bats with roses and the other like her red skirt. Finally, striped stockings in red and in black, topped with the same sweet lace as her jackets and three pairs of updated Maryjanes: double buckled in red, black and blue leather, trimmed with black pinkings and wave-ridged rubber soles.

Aiko stood, a lovely Gothic Lolita, just like those from the popular subculture in Japan, and wondered who made these wonderful garments. Her delicate white hands nimbly looked at the label. She gasped with pleasure. From the House of Will Dupre and Cris Palomino. Nodding her approval, she gave thought to repaying her suitor, whichever one it was, for such a well-made and texturally delicious set of clothing so fit for a gothic princess.