Hardcore Utility Shaders DS

Have you ever had a great render spoiled because you couldn’t find the shader you needed? Well look no further, we have shaders to complete the most difficult of images. Need some titanium for a containment tank, we have it. How about some embossed metal for ceremonial armor? Oh yeah we have it. Need an eye searing acid green for who knows what? We have that too. We can outfit your military renders with Kydex, Kevlar, rubber suits, and a ballistic weave even your Grandmother would love. For those of you who need latex we have a high quality lineup of bright colors. We even have expanded metal grating for those jobs where a whole sheet of metal is overkill. With several designs of embossed metal to choose from your knights will never have to lift their visors to identify the person next to them. There are colors like gold, silver, copper, aluminum, gun metal and titanium to chose from. And don’t forget the amazing hammered metals that any cauldron would be proud to wear. Shader Presets are easily applied to any surface by simply selecting the item(s) , their material zone(s), and double clicking the thumbnail. Requires DS3 or 4.

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