Hell Chronicles issue 1: Succube

Complete character for victoria 4 with custom morph and complete textures set.
Include also the wings, the hair, the demon tail, the bra outfit, the accessories ?clothes? (smarts props).
Severals morphs movements for all elements. Also : MATS POSES UTILITY (inj, rem, etc…) / 5 poses for V4 / 5 PZZ files for?with preloaded poses and morphs for all elements (quick and easy !)


The Comics tools: These PSD file (Photoshop 7) include different layers for create your comics (300dpi / 2480X3508 pixels).

PZZ files: 5 PZZ files with preloaded poses for all elements (V4, hair, wings, demon tail) quick and easy !
The PZZ files are located in : ..\Runtime\Powerage\succube\

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