Hologram Pack 02

Hologram Pack 02

Get Hologram Pack 02 to expand the possibilities of the first pack and add even more options to your hologram kitbash elements!

This pack includes over 60 different meshes to play with, including 6 varied topographical terrain maps, a grid mesh with multiple sizes, and a larger emitter base with several textures to match the ones from the first pack, as well as several buildings and ships that can be used to dot the landscapes or simply on their own to create a tactical map feel!

Hologram Pack 02 expands on the HUD elements, adding both round and square ones to help identify points of interest in the holographic environments or within the ships themselves.

Like Hologram Pack 01, several subsets and full preset builds are included to speed up creating even more interesting holograms, giving you a wide range of options to help you populate your sci-fi and fantasy renders!

Hologram Pack 02: (.DUF)
Scene Subsets:
HP2 Base Assault Intercept
HP2 Canyon Tunnels
HP2 Shipwreck
HP2 Defensive Position
HP2 Archive ALL
HP2 Buried Tombs ALL
HP2 Monitoring Station ALL
HP2 Spaceport A1+2+3
HP2 Spaceport B1+2
HP2 Transmission Tower 1Height Closed
HP2 Transmission Tower 2Height Closed
HP2 Transmission Tower 3Height Closed
HP2 Transmission Tower 1Height Open
HP2 Transmission Tower 2Height Open
HP2 Transmission Tower 3Height Open
HP2 Ship 01+Interior
HP2 Ship02+Interior
HP2 Ship03+Interior
HP2 Holoterrain Coast+Water
HP2 Holoterrain Lakes+Water
HP2 Holoterrain River+Water
HP2 Archive Power Station
HP2 Holo Cube Ship 03
HP2 Holo Cube Small Fleet
HP2 Holo Rod POI
HP2 Laser Beam
HP2 Multilayer Lock
HP2 Square Highlight Lock
HP2 Holoterrain Emitter Base
HP2 Holoterrain Emitter Cone
HP2 Archive Base
HP2 Archive Generator
HP2 Archive Interior
HP2 Archive Sphere
HP2 Buried Tombs Base
HP2 Buried Tombs Coffins
HP2 Buried Tombs Shaft
HP2 Monitoring Station Antenna
HP2 Monitoring Station Building
HP2 Monitoring Station Interior
HP2 Monitoring Station Parabolic
HP2 Spaceport A1
HP2 Spaceport A2
HP2 Spaceport A3
HP2 Spaceport B1
HP2 Spaceport B2
HP2 Transmission Tower Antenna Closed
HP2 Transmission Tower Antenna Open
HP2 Transmission Tower Antenna Top
HP2 Transmission Tower Pillar
HP2 Diamond
HP2 Highlight Circle 1
HP2 Highlight Circle 2
HP2 Highlight Circle 3
HP2 Highlight Circle 4
HP2 Highlight Lock 1
HP2 Highlight Lock 2
HP2 Highlight Lock 3
HP2 Highlight Lock Base 1
HP2 Highlight Lock Base 2
HP2 Highlight Lock Base 3
HP2 Highlight Lock Base Square 1
HP2 Highlight Lock Base Square 2
HP2 Highlight Lock Base Square 3
HP2 Holo Cube Core
HP2 Holo Cube Shell
HP2 Holo Rod Core
HP2 Holo Rod Shell
HP2 Ship 1
HP2 Ship 1 Interior
HP2 Ship 2
HP2 Ship 2 Interior
HP2 Ship 3
HP2 Ship 3 Interior
HP2 Cave System 1
HP2 Cave System 2
HP2 Holoterrain Canyon
HP2 Holoterrain Coast
HP2 Holoterrain Coast Water
HP2 Holoterrain Hills
HP2 Holoterrain Lakes
HP2 Holoterrain Lakes Water
HP2 Holoterrain Mountains
HP2 Holoterrain River
HP2 Holoterrain River Water
HP2 Holoterrain Grid
HP2 1 Holoterrain Grid 25
HP2 1 Holoterrain Grid 75
HP2 1 Holoterrain Grid 150
HP2 Base Holoemitter 1
HP2 Base Holoemitter 2
HP2 Base Holoemitter 3
HP2 Base Holoemitter 4
HP2 Base Holoemitter – Emitter Glass OFF
HP2 Base Holoemitter – Emitter Glass ON
HP2 Base Holoemitter – Emitter OFF
HP2 Base Holoemitter – Emitter ON
HP2 Base Holoemitter – Glass OFF
HP2 Base Holoemitter – Glass ON
HP2 Base Holoemitter – Holosurface OFF
HP2 Base Holoemitter – Holosurface ON
HP2 Blue
HP2 Green
HP2 Mauve
HP2 Orange
HP2 Red
HP2 White
HP2 1 Luminance 25 kcdm2
HP2 2 Luminance 50 kcdm2
HP2 2 Luminance 100 kcdm2
HP2 2 Luminance 150 kcdm2
HP2 2 Luminance 300 kcdm2
HP2 Two-Sided Light OFF
HP2 Two-Sided Light ON
HP2 Dot Pattern
HP2 Solid Pattern
Textures Include:
33 Base Color, Roughness, Metallic, Emissive, Opacity, Normal Maps (8192 x 8192)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

Hologram Pack 02

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