Hot Shower for V4/A4/G4/PBIV

Hot Shower for V4/A4/G4/PBIV
There is nothing better than taking a hot shower after a busy day. Do not devest your Vicky from this pleasure..

There are everything in the pack that you needed and you can provide a complete shower
scene by using this product. “Hot Shower” was designed to give you high quality mesh
models along with multiple dynamic morphs allowing each individual part.

In this pack; there is a shower cabin which is a high detail modelled and textured.
And also there is a stool that you can easily use in your different works. Besides,
there is a realistic vapour effect in the cabin that you can use if you wish. And
there is also relistic water effect that complete the scene.

Of course your Vicky would need some towels after the shower. You can find a body and
a head towels which dressed her with a sexy way, in the pack.

Wait! That’s not all.. There are also 16 sexy poses for your Victoria 4. And also there
are 3 light sets in this product.

Your renders will definitely emit sensuality when V4 has these new threads.
Hot Shower for V4/A4/G4/PBIV