How to Create Compelling Book Covers

How to Create Compelling Book Covers

How to Create Compelling Book Covers
Creating compelling covers for a book or other visual narrative is about quickly capturing attention! There's a good market for providing book covers, but what key elements will sell your illustration?

This product contains two tutorials to help progress your work as an illustrator, using Daz Studio for book covers.

Tutorial 1 : Professional Compelling Covers (1 hour and 44 minutes)

In the first tutorial, Drew Spence takes you through specific steps to create a compelling book cover. He'll lead you through the process of crafting a story-telling cover image for your visual narratives. Drew professionally creates and publishes comic books every month so he has huge experience in capturing potential readers for their attention. As well as covering fantasy and action genres – he'll also include a case study on creating cover artwork for a romantic novel.


How to instantly grab attention with cover artwork
Which fonts work on a cover depending on the genre
Which visual elements help convey an instant story
Case studies on creating book covers from scratch
Software used in this tutorial

Drew will use Daz Studio and Photoshop to craft the covers. Corel Particleshop is used also.

Webinar content

Setting up for simplicity
Composition and light in Daz Studio for additional postwork (a session study)
Camera angles
Rendering settings
Backdrops and scenery
Creating a singular image that tells an entire story or hints to the coming adventure
Fonts and lettering, the rules guides and authoring expectations
Genre studies and research for crafting a proper image that fits the subject matter
Controlling the energy and dynamics of an expressive image
Adding a fantasy and artistic look to your renders
Recommended filters
Recommended Photoshop actions
Recommended graphic software
Tutorial 2 : Compelling Covers Workshop (1 hour and 38 minutes)

Various digital artists show their own book cover artwork or talk about the merits and inspirations of their favourite book cover art.

Artists include:

Tasos Anastasiades : professional artist and assistant Professor at the European University Cyprus
Peter von Stackelberg : publisher
Drew Spence : professional comic book writer/illustrator
Bob Keck: professional illustrator
…and other artists from the Digital Art Live community