i13 Jinny

i13 Jinny Includes:

1 apply all options
7 makeup options
3 eyelash options
6 eye options

Custom head morph with morphs++ also
2 body morph options one with morphs++, the other with Aiko4 and morphs++

01 Torso diffuse texture maps
01 Torso bump texture maps
01 Torso specular texture maps
01 Limb diffuse texture maps
01 Limb bump texture maps
02 Limb specular texture maps
08 Head diffuse texture maps
01 Head bump texture maps
02 Head specular texture maps
06 Eye diffuse texture maps
01 Eye bump texture map
02 Eye reflect maps
01 Sclera diffuse texture maps
03 Eyelash transparency maps
01 Mouth diffuse texture map
01 Mouth bump texture map
02 Reflect maps