Valborg – Protector of the Battlefield! Inspired by Mortem Vetus’ Rolf and Ragnarok, this set of poses will protect and fire up your imagination! Michael will be ready to rush to battle, but beware, there are poses that can also show Michael’s defeat. Switch up and combine sword, axe, and shield usage with one click hand poses. Bring your renders to life!

* Special attention to the details of head and hand positioning
* Dynamic and natural looking poses to bring life to your render
* The perfect blend between balance and grace to give M4 the most natural looking poses possible
* Render capabilities from any angle
* High Quality Poses

* 30 poses
* 30 mirrored poses
* 10 Defense/Defeated style poses
* 10 mirrored versions
* 06 Axe poses
* 06 mirrored poses
* 04 Non Mirrored poses
* Right and Left hand poses for Axe and Sword
Axe hands can be used for Shield

Required: Link to post:
Michael 4

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