InaneGlory’s Lights and Lamps 2 – Floor Lamps


InaneGlory’s Lights and Lamps 2 – Floor Lamps is the 2nd in a series of products based on the idea of bringing you both realistic looking and realistic working lighting solutions. Each model is designed to look and light your scene beautifully while rendering quickly and maintaining that touch of realism.

Lights and Lamps 2 includes 13 unique lamp designs, ranging from the classic simplicity of the basic floor lamp to a statement piece that blends function and style. 7 of the new designs are figures with elements that can be poses. Most of the lamps also include morphs to control the size, shape and position of the lamp shade. Also included is a separate Power Cord figure to add to the illusion of realism, 68 universal Shader Presets and 2 sets of 16 Lamp Shade/Reflector Materials.

Lights and Lamps is designed around the idea of bringing real world lighting to your scenes. To help bring you that realism each of these lamps has been modeled around a standard A19 light bulb and each of the light presets is based on recreating real world lighting (100, 75, 40 watt light bulbs).

Because of limitations in how DAZ Studio simulates light (it?s lack of the ability to ?bounce? light), these lamps cannot fully function as they would in the real world. Switching to Gamma 2.2 can help create a more realistic lighting curve that can make this deficiency less apparent.

When necessary these models have been optimized to accentuate clean and quick renders. All presets and materials are designed to work in DAZ Studio 4.5+ and in LuxRender via the Luxus plugin.


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