InaneGlory’s Photo Studio – Point and Shoot


Making realistic lighting as simple as point and shoot. Photo Studio ? Point and Shoot is a simple, easy to use set of unique, custom crafted, individual Area Lights.

Designed from the ground up in both DAZ Studio and LuxRender (via the Luxus plugin), Photo Studio ? Point and Shoot gives you the best possible results in both programs while maintaining the same overall feel and tone in results between the two programs.

The set contains 18 unique Area Lights that can be quickly setup and used as individual lights, or you can use one of the 61 included light sets, based on real-world photo studio lighting setups. Also included is a vast array of 150+ presets to help you quickly adjust the lights position, intensity, color, quality, etc. of each light. Rounding the set out are a three walled studio prop, a simple wall/floor backdrop prop and a paper roll, with 63 interchangeable material options, plus a fully functioning set of barn doors with presets to fit most of the lights, and a set of reflector and flag/bounce card props to help you control your lighting like a professional photographer (true bounce lighting is a LuxRender only feature).

To help maintain the quality of light between the two programs, and to increase the realistic feel of light in DAZ Studio, the Area Lights have been setup to use the natural falloff feature of the UberArea Light Shader mimicking real world lights.