Instant Rainbow of Nails

You have the perfect outfit and matching makeup. The hair color is just right. But what about Vicky’s nails? Oh… you could just set the Diffuse color and Glossiness and that would work… But Vicky’s nails will look so plain. With this package you will have forty nine different designs to choose from and select what ever color you want from your computers’ color pallet! You can also layer the designs over each other.

This product also includes an !Initialize Nails MAT settings. This will override the nail settings that the MAT file for the V4 or V5 character loaded with. This is most useful for characters that use HSS as part of the settings. And is highly recommended to use for the nails to have that proper shine.

The script interface will give you the choice of:

  • What design
  • Which color
  • Add Glitter or Add Glow
  • Both Fingers and Toes, Just Fingers or Just Toes

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