Iray Blizzard

Iray Blizzard

UpdatedUPDATED 2019-06-17
Updated textures, corrected metadata, and added more shaders.

Iray Blizzard is a comprehensive suite of weather effects, decals, texture overlays, Shaders, props and atmospherics. Everything needed to change a normal scene to a winter scene in just a few clicks.

Texture Overlays:

  • Overlays use both the diffuse overlay and topcoat slots of your Shader setup. These work best on architectural props that utilize a lot of seamless textures, but can be used anywhere.


  • The decal materials supplied work with the Iray decal node included with Daz. Decals project textures onto a figure asset, such as characters, architecture or props.


  • Much like Iray Storm, the weather grids are now angled to give a sweeping effect to your snow.


  • Atmospheric effects to add either a misty breath to your characters or a blown snow effect to your scenes.


  • A variety of snowy Shaders able to replace any current tiling textures you currently have in your scene.

Snow Pile:

  • A simple morphing snow drift you can add to the sides of your scene to give the impression of heavy snow fall.

As an added bonus the included Fog System is set up like the Fog System in the Iray Storm set so both Fog Systems can use the options from both sets!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer