Iray Light Volume Kit

Iray Light Volume Kit

Iray Light Volume Kit is a suite of tools that allow you to recreate volumetric light in a contained area, with or without the assistance of invisible light (ghost lights).

The effect is achieved via VDB volumes, represented by checkered display boxes. You simply cover your target area with a volume, use the presets provided, and render. In addition to these volumes, you also have a combination mono ghost light.

This is a singular figure with 5 individual mesh lights attached to bones, which can be easily hot-swapped using the provided presets. This light uses the latest Nvidia Iray, and primary and secondary ray culling, which allows you to enable reflections should you wish.

Documentation is provided, along with demonstration scenes with emissive, photometric, ghost, and sun/sky lighting.

Light Volumes:
Dense Fog Volume
Dust Fall Volume
Misty Room Volume
Plain Room Volume
6x Color Presets
6x Strength Presets
Mono Ghost Light:
Reflections OFF
Reflections ON
5x Color Presets
8x Intensity Presets
5x Styles
9x Temperature Presets
Test Rooms:
Empty Light Room
Daylight Example
Emissives Example
Ghost Example
Photometric Example
RGB Example
Textures Include:
11 Texture, Bump, VDB, Normal, Roughness, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)

Iray Light Volume Kit

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