IsaBelle Hair

IsaBelle Hair
What you get with this package:
06 Conforming Hairfigures with 31 Morphs each
(3 Default Versions, 3 Mirrored Versions)
V4 version includes A4 and A4Realistic Morphs
A3 version includes A3Realistic Morph
10 Texturecolors for the Hair

Texturesizes and Listing:

10 Textures for the Cap (2500×2500)
01 Transmap for the Cap (2500×2500)
10 Textures for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Specularmap for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Bumpmap for the Hair (2500×2500)
01 Transmap for the Hair (2500×2500)


10 Matposes
01 Inject Hair Morphs (Default Version)
01 Inject Hair Morphs (Mirrored Version)
IsaBelle Hair


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