Juniper V4.2

Juniper is an elegant, classy woman for V4.2. The textures are completely photographs-made and were created using Photoshop and ZBrush.
She comes with different head maps and hair texture option as well, different eye colors and lashes, and corresponding MAT poses, so that you can mix and match in order to build the character that best fits your needs. Also included is a shader-free MAT pose for P4 users.

Detailed photo-real skin texture
Head hair option and numerous face texturing options
Beautiful and unique morph
Product Includes:

1 V4.2 Face INJ/REM
1 V4.2 Body INJ/REM
Limbs Texture Map + Bump Map (4000X4000)
1 Torso Texture Map + Bump Map (4000X4000)
1 Torso Hair Texture Map + Bump Map (4000X4000)
6 Head Texture Maps + 1 Bump Map (4000X4000)
1 Head Hair Texture Map + Bump Map (4000X4000)
1 Head Eyebrows Trans Map (4000X4000)
4 Eye Texture Maps (1024X1024)
1 Eye Reflection Texture Map (1000X1000)
1 Eye Reflection Trans Map (1000X1000)
1 Trans Map for Lashes (2000X2000) and MAT poses of varied trans color)
1 Teeth-Gums Texture Map (2500X2500)
Corresponding MAT poses for P5 and above
One MAT pose for P4 renderer – with no shaders
Product Details:
Poser Version: 5+

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