Kings Cottage and Iray Worlds

Kings Cottage and Iray Worlds

Kings Cottage and Iray Worlds is an extensive package that includes an exquisitely-crafted and detailed lodge-style house, complete with outdoor furniture and built on a secluded waterway. It also includes full nature scenes and a large variety of extras for ultimate flexibility and control over the environment.

Plus, it comes with a very powerful Iray World System that harnesses the power of Iray like never before.

In so many ways, it’s a first because it allows the inbuilt Nvidia Iray sun to shine through detailed 360 skies and clouds that are mapped on a semi-transparent sphere with an added skylight to illuminate the sky and create stunningly realistic skies and environmental lighting and shadows.

Users have a selection of skies and skylights, and they can easily position the sun via the Sundial or Real World times and locations presets (See Image).

It is a highly-realistic and versatile environment that is completely hand-built, including most of the main textures, which are highly detailed and fine-tuned for perfect results.

Kings Cottage and Iray Worlds

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