Komodo Dragon by AM

Komodo Dragon by AM has been finely reproduced for Daz Studio, complete controls, poses, and additional drool effects conforming figures for enhanced realism.
Komodo Dragon (.DUF)
Eye Blink
Flatten Abdomen
KomodoDragon HD
Left Fore Foot Grasp
Left Hind Foot Grasp
Mouth Open
Right Fore Foot Grasp
Right Hind Foot Grasp
Tail Left-Right
Tail Up-Down
Tongue Left – Right
Tongue Out
Tongue Up-Down
Komodo Dragon – Drool 1
Komodo Dragon – Drool 2
Komodo Dragon – Drool 3
Drools Wearable Preset
Poses (.DUF)
Aim High 01
Fighting 01
Fighting 02
Idle 01
Idle 02
Idle 03
Resting 01
Running 01
Walking 01
Walking 02
Walking 03
11 Texture, Normal, and Specular Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)

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