Lae'zel for Genesis 8 Female

"Chk! that large, fleshy nose of yours looks like a mistake…"

Lae'zel from the game Baldur's Gate 3 for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female.


– Lae'zel for Genesis 8 and 8.1 as separated scene subscene

– Lae'zel Body and Head Morphs apply and remove preset (Morphs: DUM Lae'zel Head / DUM Lae'zel Body)

– Lae'zel Ears Morph apply and remove preset (Morph: DUM Lae'zel Ears)
(The ears are similar but don't have the dents since I don't have access to HD Morph tools)


– Lae'zel Hair without bones (Recommended since it's fairly short and follow the poses automatically and more accurate)

– Lae'zel Hair (Rigged, for more advance use)

(Both hair are the same except for the bones)


– Lae'zel Skin

– 10 Makeup options (00 it's no makeup and 01 is the default from the game)

– 9 Skin tones (Examples on Promo)


– Camp Outfit
– Githyanki Armor
– Lae'zel Underwear

Camp Outfit
– Camp Bra
– Camp Pants
– Camp Shoes

– Githyanki Armor (top)
– Githyanki Arms
– Githyanki Pants (You can hide front and back tasset on surface, also minimal rigged for adjustment)
– Githyanki Boots

(Underwear doesn't have separated subfolder because it's only one item, also Camp Bra is the underwear with the bottom part material hidden)


– Githyanki Greatsword (simple prop)

Everything comes with 4K high quality textures to enhance your renders.

Install directory:
People/Genesis 8 Female/Characters/Dumitas/BG3/Lae'zel

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