Lali's Pantyhose Classic for Genesis 9

Realistic looking sheer Classic Pantyhose with soft gloss and true microfiber texture.
Suitable for most shapes that work with Genesis 9 without the use of specially integrated morphs.

This is not an adaptation of my old pantyhose for Genesis 8.1. These are brand new pantyhose for Genesis 9 with new type of materials.

You can use 12 pre-made colors, 6 extra nylon details for the upper part of pantyhose, 7 extra details for the lower part, and 5 lace fill options.
You can choose 3 types of nylon – soft glossy nylon (default), oil glossy nylon and matte nylon.
If you need, you can hide some parts of the pantyhose – crotch, toes and feet. Also you can make leggings.

Near the Pantyhose file you will find the User Guide. This will help you more easily understand how to apply materials and styles.

I also added a scene with a light preset and render settings. This is the same scene where I did my pictures with this pantyhose. This will give you the opportunity to see the same display of nylon as in my pictures.
The scene is in folder \Light Presets\Lali Kamala\Scene & Lights.

Attention! If you use poses with very strong bends of the legs, then there may be slight failures of the polygons of the clothes inside the polygons of the character. To fix this, you can increase the Mesh Smoothing value. The Default (2) is optimal for most poses. If necessary increase it from 3 to 10.

Lali's Pantyhose Classic for Genesis 9
12 Colors
3 Types of Nylon
6 Upper Part Details
7 Lower Part Details
5 Lace Fill Options
4 Hide Parts Options
Scene & Lights
User Guide

Textures Include:
28 Texture, Bump, Normal, and Opacity Maps (from 2048 x 2048 to 8000 x 8000)

Supported Shapes:
Shapes may be supported by Auto Follow

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