Lelandii Hedges - Conifer Clipped Hedges

They are everywhere! You can't walk down a city, town, or village street in any temperate zone of the planet without finding them! Green, blue, and gold feathery foliage, tall, short, or medium, they are there.

Lelandii Cypress (cupressocyparis leylandii) is possibly the most planted tree in horticulture! They are fast-growing and can reach a height of 14 meters in just ten years! Their most common use is as a hedging or screening plant and oh boy have they been used for this for the past century! Many a dispute between neighbors has been triggered by these plants, but like it or not they are here to stay.

This bundle gives you a selection of no less than 9 loosely clipped hedging plants and a further 9 hedge sections of various heights (short, medium, and tall) and shades to fence in, screen off and plant around your gardens and houses.

The sections come in the form of scene subsets which makes them a fast way of planting a hedge, the individual plants have been tested in Hedgmaker and work well with that plugin. As always a little goes a long way, and a single plant and its instances will look like many different plants with small adjustments to the y rotation and scale. Remember these are reasonably high-resolution models so don't go overboard!

You can quickly add these plants as a leafy background to a scene or as a hedge or even as individual columnar plants in a garden, street, or pretty much anywhere that needs a conifer hedge!

Love em or Hate em, these fast-growing conifers are here to stay and form an integral part of many urban scenes!

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