Liam for Genesis 8.1 Male

Liam is a full character for Genesis 8.1 Male: Shapes & Materials

-1 Head Morph: Liam Head Morph
-1 Body Morph: Liam Body Morph
-Skin Base Material (Iray)
-No Eyebrowns Face Materials
-Tattoos: L.I.E materials
-5 Eyes Colors
-Genitalia Materials (Circumcised & Uncircumcised MATs)*

* This product contains the gens textures for Genesis 8 Male Anatomical Elements (Genitalia). Genesis 8 Male Anatomical Elements only purchased by buying Michael 8 Pro Bundle/Michael 8.1 Pro Bundle. Or it can be used in another genitalia that supports the G8M's gens textures

These morphs have different proportions (height, shoulder width and etc) to the Genesis 8.1 Male Base or Michael 8.1 Male. So when using poses or animations for G8.1M, small adjustments are probably necessary. For example, it would be like using Owen 8 poses on a Darius 8 character, one should adjust position of the hand, legs or head and etc.

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