Lisa’s Botanicals – Carnation


The carnation is a widely popular flowering plant that is native to the Mediterranean and has historical roots that date back to ancient Greek and Roman times where it was used for art and decoration. Its scientific name, Dianthus caryophyllus, loosely translates to ?flower of love? or ?flower of the gods.? Carnations are used as cut flowers, in floral arrangements, and for corsages and boutonnieres as expressions of love and remembrance. Colors of carnations have significant meanings: dark red symbolizes deep love and affection, light red represents admiration, pink is a symbol of a mother?s undying love, and white indicates the purity of love and is also thought to bring good luck. Striped carnations symbolize regrets or a love that cannot be shared or returned, yellow indicates disappointment and rejection, purple indicates impulsiveness, and green is for St. Patrick?s Day. Lisa?s Botanicals – Carnation includes 5 carnation flowers, 3 sprigs of baby?s breath, 3 bracken fern, a bud vase and a basket for gathering cuttings from the garden. Carnation bouquets are included for use with the Tall and Short Vases from Carnation Bouquet by Laurie S.



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