Liz Character and Hair

Liz Character and Hair
Pure glamor and luxury for your runtime ? here comes a brand new girl to make your renders shine!

Completely made of photographs and with a face that was custom morphed in ZBrush, Liz is as original as a girl can be. Her body shape was made using the Victoria 4.2 Bodymorphs to make it easy for you to dress her in your favorite clothes. She comes with textured and transmapped eyebrows to add variety to her hair color options and make Liz even more versatile.

Jewelery and her very own hairstyle complete the package leaving her ready to render.

Required Products
Aiko 3.0 Base
Aiko 4 Base
Stephanie 3.0 Petite Base
Victoria 3.0 Base
Victoria 4.2 Base
Liz Character and Hair