Lokiesa for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female

Lokiesa is a witch with a demonic soul.

LK Lokiesa Base
LK Lokiesa Demon
LK Lokiesa Head Demon
LK Lokiesa Head
LK Lokiesa Body
LK Lokiesa Claws
LK Lokiesa Pupils
LK Lokiesa PushUp

Character Presets:

LK Lokiesa – 8
LK Lokiesa – 8.1
LK Lokiesa Demon – 8
LK Lokiesa Demon – 8.1

Shaping Presets:

Lokiesa Head Apply/Remove
Lokiesa Head Demon Apply/Remove
Lokiesa Body Apply/Remove
Lokiesa Claws Apply/Remove
Lokiesa Pupils Apply/Remove
Lokiesa PushUp Apply/Remove
Nails Apply/Remove
Navel Apply/Remove
Nipples Apply/Remove


Lokiesa Skin Base and Demon for G8 and G8.1
Lokiesa Eyelashes for G8 and G8.1
Lokiesa Gens Base and Demon
Translucency for Body and Gens Default, High and Low

14 eyecolors + shine on/off + dark sclera on/off
6 nailcolors + default and broken + resets (overlays)
6 LIE Tattoos + 1 chest tattoo optimized for pushup morph + 2x apply all tattoos


Eyeliner Geoshell + 2 eyeliner versions
Eyeshadow Geoshell + 2 Eyeshadow versions + 10 color presets
Lips Geoshell + 12 color presets


Fibermesh Eyebrows
10 Eyebrow colors

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