LY Lexi HD for Genesis 8 Female

Meet Lexi

Lexi is beautiful with her sculpted HD details. With a custom skin, unique hand-painted makeup options and all the extras you expect.

She has custom painted fun stuff: 9 makeups, lipsticks, special painted eye colors, all-in-one presets, and 10 nail polishes. The designs are meant to be good for a snazzy contemporary look, maybe a smidge of cyberpunk, or light sci-fi/futuristic, depending on how you want your pic to go. You don’t need to be limited!

I understand the need for customization, so included is a preset for Anatomical Elements, and an alternative torso with no anatomical details for risque clothing, Bump settings for closeup and distance, and 3 intensity settings for the skin tone. Always included are custom morphed square nails and long eyelash morphs. Nothing is so important as the Eyebrows, so you get 2 ways to remove eyebrows from Lexi, an LIE no Eyebrow setting which removes the brows and leaves the makeup, and a No Eyebrow Face option for when you want everything from scratch!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer



Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.

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