Lysithea Bride Poses and Expressions


** These expressions will NOT adversely alter your morphed character faces! **.
Character modification, custom channels, eye translation and all scaling channels have been removed from the face files and will not reset your work.
This product was developed using Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ from Daz3D. Using different figures may provide varying results.
Files have been tested in Poser 4-7 and Daz Studio
Images were rendered in Daz Studio 3.0 Advanced
Vampires, zombies, warriors, witches, humanoids, custom characters and V4 creatures of all kinds can use these files without fear. 🙂

25 Poses plus default
2 Knife Adjust Poses
10 Expressions plus default
No figures, hair, or props included
Required: Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ (Daz3d) plus Lysithea Bride V4/A4/G4 (RMP)

Required:Link to post:
Lysithea Bride V4/A4/G4


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