Malini Boots For G8 & 8.1F

Malini Boots For G8 & 8.1F

Malini Boots For G8 & 8.1F

Items that include in this product:

Conforming Footwear figure “Malini Boots”

G8F Pose “Foot Pose” & “Foot Pose Reset”

20 Shoes Styles,5 zip styles and 6 Sole styles in Iray materials

Contained Genesis 8 Female body shape morphs

Contained G8F Characters Morphs:
Aiko8, Victoria 8, CJ8, Kanade 8, Teen Josie 8,
Teen Jane 8, Kala8, Olympia 8, Alexandra 8, Josephene 8

Most other body shape morphs can be fit with
Daz Studio’s Auto-follow

“Upper Length”, “Adjust Shin” “Adjust Ankle” & “Adjust Knee” morphs can be used to change the shape of the boots or fix some fit problem on the boots.

Texture template JPG file for Malini Boots (in textures directory)

Malini Boots For G8 & 8.1F

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