MbM Josephine for Genesis 3 & 8 Female

MbM Josephine is a beautiful custom character for Genesis 3 and 8 Female. She features unique skin textures, head and body morphs, anatomical elements, and a full range of eye colors, makeup, and nail options.
Morph Options:
MbM Josephine Body (Apply/Remove)
MbM Josephine Head (Apply/Remove)
MbM Round Nails (Apply/Remove)
MbM Square Nails (Apply/Remove)
MbM Lashes (3 Lengths for Genesis 8)

Character Preset:
MbM Josephine.duf

Material Presets:
!All Mats
24 Eye Colors
3 Brow Options (L.I.E Presets)
7 Eye Makeup (L.I.E Presets)
7 Lip Colors (L.I.E Presets)
7 Nail Colors
Apply Lash Mats
Apply Shine (Lips and Nails)

58 Custom Texture Maps

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