Mediterranean Grasses

Mediterranean Grasses brings the translucent beauty of waving grasses to your renders, with this green (and gold) bundle of twenty flowering grass plants.

Presented in both a green and dry state with materials for each version of the two species represented here included so that if you change your mind you can simply change the material in scene – you have the fluffy seed and flowering heads of Hares Tail Grass, and the rather eccentric Quacking Grass.

Perfect for mixing with my other grass bundles ( they work well in ultrascatter and as instances) or use them on their own, you could even pop some in a pot in a more formal setting!

As always a little goes a long way, and variations in the scale and y rotation settings will make one plant and its instances look like many different ones.

So give your digital mountain goats something to munch on, or create a field of grasses for your favorite character to run through or simply scatter them in a flowerbed, or growing from cracks in the pavement to give a little extra grassy goodness to your scenes.

Mediterranean Grasses: (.DUF)
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 01a
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 01b
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 02a
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 02b
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 03a
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 03b
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 04a
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 04b
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 05a
MFMG Hares Tail Grass 05b
MFMG Quaking Grass 01a
MFMG Quaking Grass 01b
MFMG Quaking Grass 02a
MFMG Quaking Grass 02b
MFMG Quaking Grass 03a
MFMG Quaking Grass 03b
MFMG Quaking Grass 04a
MFMG Quaking Grass 04b
MFMG Quaking Grass 05a
MFMG Quaking Grass 05b
MJFG Greater Quaking Grass Mat
MJFG Hares Tail Grass Green Mat
MJFG Hares Tail Grass Mat
Textures Include:
16 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Reflection, Roughness, Specular, and Transparency Maps (1000 x 1000 to 2000 x 2000)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
1 DSON Core Installer

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