Mercy 2 for Genesis 8 Female

Mercy from Overwatch 2 for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female, includes complete outfit, weapons and 3 extra skin for the outfit.
– Mercy for Genesis 8 and 8.1 separated presets
– Head and Body morph with remove option (Morphs: DUM Mercy 2 Head // DUM Mercy 2 Body)
– Mercy full skin
– 3 minimalist makeup options (Eyeliner, Eyeshadow and Lipstick)
– Hair (Short and simple, it doesn't have morphs or bones)
– Eyebrows

– Complete Outfit preset.
– Armor:
+ Fully Rigged Wings
+ Front and Back cloth (crotch) rigged and Dfroce ready, so you can pose the character, then the cloth and then apply Dforce for better results.
+ Tasset (upper thighs armor parts) fully rigged too.
– Gloves:
(The Gloves are simple one color to match the outfit but they are not based on the game)
– Halo:
+ Morph "Mercy 2 Head Fix" to fit the head distortion (it's minimal but still included to fit it perfectly)
– Pants:
+ Rigged Knees for better posing and avoid bending in that zone (it's an extra step but better than having "metal" knees that bend with the poses)
– Shoes:
Designed to be used with "Right/Left Foot Heeled Shoe" at 50% each.

– Honey Bee
– Infinite Seer
– Owl Guardian

IMPORTANT: These materials are only for the outfit and don't includes the helmets that are different on each of these skins (as shown on the promo images)

– Mercy Pistol
– Mercy Staff (Includes "Open Staff" morph)

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