MGM The Mill

The Mill (For Poser and DAZ Studio) is a detailed model by Magix-101 featuring The Mill model including grounds, trees, vines, water features, waterwheel, seat, fence and path. The-Mill-WB, although a standalone piece of architecture that can be used in any scene, it is also completely compatible with WorldBase-XT’s dimensions and three main styles which the Mill also includes (Grasslands, Desertlands and Ice and Snow setups) So it matches those looks perfectly.

With the full WorldBase paks installed you can create compelling environments for The-Mill and other architecture directly within Poser and DAZ Studio.

In addition if you have Magix-101’s Fern-Lea-Cottage installed as well, then there are many pre-set positions you can place them both in with a simple pose setup applied within Poser and DAZ Studio.

Download from QtyFiles Service