Mini Bar Room Daz Studio

Mini Bar Room Daz Studio

⟣ Mini Bar Room Daz Studio ⟢


Stand alone props for Daz Studio IRay.

Files included:
1. Scene with 30 Props
2. 6 Cameras
3. Light Set

4. 12 Materials Iray

Single Props:

1 Bar Chair
2 Bar Closet
3 Bar Counter
4 Bar Photo
5 Book Shelf
6 Cheiling
7 Cocktail Shaker
8 Cutting Board with Glasses
9 Floor
10 Flower Pot
11 Lemon Bowl
12 Mini Bar TV
13 Mini Bar Glasses
14 Mini Bar Orange
15 Mini Bar Wine Bottles
16 Room Painting
17 Sofa
18 Room Talbe
19 Rug
20 Shelf Books
21 Shelf Statue
22 Sofa Pillows
23 Wall Back
24 Wall Front with Sliding doors
25 Wall Front
26 Wall Left
27 Wall Right
28 Wine Bottle Single
29 Wine Bucket with bottle
30 Wine glass with Full or Empty texture

Mini Bar Room Daz Studio

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