Mogul Fantasy

Mogul Fantasy

The Mogul loves the view from where he sits atop a beautiful mountain. The breeze rushing through the hills and up to where his newest creation lays on top of the mountain. He and his bride can rest and reflect on the days happenings. His new bride also loves the view as much as he does.
With such luxurious surroundings in which to rest and relax, who wouldn’t? With the bench that was designed just for her to lounge in and stretch out her gorgeous lithe body, and the protection of the curved roof with the intricate designs which can fascinate her for hours….it’s the perfect setting. Who could ask for more? It’s a Mogul’s Fantasy!

The The Mogul Fantasy Package Includes:

Mogul Fantasy Bench
Mogul Fantasy Building
1 pz3 scene files for easy loading of scene
2 mat Pose Files for applying textures for Poser and DS
2 Mc6 Material Files

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