Moonbeam’s ‘Goth Bouquet’

Moonbeam's 'Goth Bouquet'

Moonbeam’s ‘Goth Bouquet’ celebrates October. With Halloween just around the corner and because we are well into autumn when nature clads herself in the varied hues of violets, oranges and purples, I have taken inspiration from autumn’s deep color palette to paint my goth roses. The package contains 4 pre-made backgrounds, 2 quickpages, 3 papers, 2 tags and 2 standalone vignettes. I have also included an exclusive halloween postcard for personal use only and also a standalone witch hat that you can incorporate in yourderivative designs. Everything included in this package is saved in .png format and saved at 300 dpi.

Moonbeam's 'Goth Bouquet'


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