Ms. Sally For G8F

Ms. Sally For G8F

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret!

A complete outfit, poses, materials and a cabaret scene with objects and presets of lights compose this set.

For Genesis 8 Female

Hair and Characters on images are NOT included!
(Hair : SAV Berlin 1931 Hair By: StudioArtVartanian)

Ms Sally Outfit.duf
MsS Bottom Stockings.duf
MsS Hat.duf
MsS Necklace.duf
MsS Shoes.duf
MsS Top.duff

Ms Sally Cabaret Scene.duf
MsS Charleston Cane.duf
MsS Classic Chair.duf

30 Wearable Poses (Included Poses ) (15 poses + Mirror)

Props :

MsS Bottom Stockings
MsS Bulb
MsS Charleston Cane
MsS Classic Chair
MsS Cyc
MsS Hat
MsS Left Light Pursuit
MsS Left Shoe
MsS Necklace
MsS Right Light Pursuit
MsS Right Shoe
MsS Scene
MsS Top

Materials Iray (.DUF)

00 – MsS Hat.duf
00 -MsS Bottom Stockings.duf
00 -MsS Shoes.duf
00 -MsS Top.duf
Mss Glitter Black.duf
MsS Glitter Blue 01.duf
MsS Glitter Blue 02.duf
MsS Glitter Gold.duf
MsS Glitter Green 01.duf
MsS Glitter Green 02.duf
MsS Glitter Pink.duf
Mss Glitter Purpple.duf
Mss Glitter Red.duf
Mss Glitter Silver.duf
MsS Top Border Black.duf
MsS Top Border Blue 01.duf
MsS Top Border Blue 02.duf
MsS Top Border Gold.duf
MsS Top Border Green 01.duf
MsS Top Border Green 02.duf
MsS Top Border Pink.duf
MsS Top Border Purpple.duf
MsS Top Border Red.duf
MsS Top Border Silver.duf

Ms Sally Cabaret Scene.duf
MsS Bulb Off.duf
MsS Bulb ON 40 Watt.duf
MsS Bulb ON 80 Watt.duf
MsS Charleston Cane.duf
MsS Classic Chair 01.duf
MsS Classic Chair 02.duf
MsS Classic Chair 03.duf
MsS Classic Chair 04.duf
MsS Classic Chair 05.duf
MsS Cyc Light OFF.duf
MsS Cyc Light ON.duf
MsS filament 01.duf
MsS filament 02.duf
MsS Pursuit Light OFF.duf
MsS Pursuit Light ON.duf

Textures Include:

38 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (2048 x 2048 to 512 x 512 )

Ms. Sally For G8F

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