Ms. Thea Outfit and Wardrobe

Be kooky, crazy, and wonderful with the outrageous Ms. Thea Outfit and Wardrobe!

This Outfit consists of a cropped dForce hoodie, unitard, bodysuit with nylon leggings, sneakers, and glasses.

The set contains two types of hoodies – an open hood and a closed one. Each hoodie has bones for adjusting the poses of the strings. Each hoodie also has settings for adjusting the fabric after dForce simulation.

There’s added options and functionality for each piece! For the hoodie, you can use 10 different black and white fabrics in a fine jersey style. The unitard and bodysuit have realistic spandex material in 10 colors, and materials for the bodysuit and for leggings can be used separately. The leggings have a realistic thin nylon material in 10 colors and can be hidden if you only want to use the bodysuit. The glasses can be used as a wearable prop or as a prop for scenes and contain bones for changing the posture of the temples. You also get a wardrobe rack and separate props to use in your scenes.

Get the Ms. Thea Outfit and Wardrobe and start living your best life today!

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