MT-50 AMR by Third Degree

MT-50 AMR by Third Degree
?Say a bad guy is driving in his car, and you need to knock the engine block out of that car.?

?That sounds crazy already, Noori?

?Okay Avi, but say you needed to do that. Just, you know, knock that sucker right out of there. Pa-yow?


?At 2,000 feet.?

?Okay, okay?

?This .50 caliber bad boy is the gun for you. Look at this scope, look at the rifling.?

?Rifling. Check. I?ll sleep better.?

?Well you would if you needed to knock the engine block out of a car at 2,000 feet. I?m just saying.?

Bad guys giving you the blues? Driving around in a car, Tank, APC or other armored or semi-armored vehicle? Get the ultimate long-range, high-velocity can-opener, the MT-50 Anti-Materiel Rifle by MCDLabs and Third Degree, creators of best-seller Setsuko?s Saws?. It comes with a state-of-the-art BORS scope and a .50 cal round. Works great on bunkers and headquarters too!

You get one shot in life. Make it count with the MT-50!
MT-50 AMR by Third Degree

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