Musculature Morphs Merchant Resource for Genesis 9

This morph pack contains lots of muscularity morphs for Genesis 9 based characters (Feminine and Masculine).

The morphs enable you to have the muscularity of the bodies of your characters more defined. Lots of different muscles, like the Biceps, Triceps, Quadriceps, Rectus Abdominus, Satorius, Latissimus, Trapezius, Gastrocnemius, etc., are covered. A full list of all morphs can be found below.

Some morphs have a higher intensity, while others are more subtle (in particular smaller muscles) to provide as much realism as possible.

Perfect for any kind of render where you need some more defined muscles.

Most dials can be dialed in both directions, so they can also be used to reduce the muscularity of the body shape. All dials address both sides (left and right).

All morphs are labeled with the prefix "MM" to make it easier to locate them by filtering. The region of the body the morph is for is also part of the label for easier usage.

In the Features List you find all included morph controls. A (+/-) indicates that the morph can be dialed to both directions.

This set is also a Merchant Resource you may use to create your own commercial products.

Please refer to the ReadMe for Merchant Resource Usage terms.

Musculature Morphs for Genesis 9 and Merchant Resource (.DUF)
Arms (Base) Morph Dials:
MM Lower Overall Volume (+/-)
MM Upper Overall Volume (+/-)
MM Biceps (+/-)
MM Biceps Center Peak (+)
MM Brachialis (+/-)
MM Brachioradialis (+/-)
MM Deltoid Anterior (+/-)
MM Deltoid Mid Section (+/-)
MM Deltoid Posterior (+/-)
MM Flexor (+/-)
MM Triceps (+/-)
MM Triceps Center Peak (+/-)
MM Triceps Upper (+/-)
Back (Base) Morph Dials:
MM Erector Spinae (+/-)
MM Latissimus (+/-)
MM Rhomboid (+/-)
MM Teres Major / Minor (+/-)
MM Trapezius (+/-)
Chest (Base) Morph Dials:
MM Pectoralis Major (+/-)
MM Pectoralis Minor (+/-)
MM Pectoralis Overall (+/-)
Feet (Base) Morph Dials:
MM Extensor Digitorum
Hands (Base) Morph Dials:
MM Flexor Digitorum (+/-)
Hip (Base) Morph Dials:
MM Gluteus Maximus (+/-)
MM Gluteus Medius (+/-)
MM Illiacuss (+/-)
Neck (Base) Morph Dials:
MM Scalene Anterior (+/-)
MM Scalene Posterior (+/-)
MM Trapezius Extension (+/-)
MM Musculus Rectus Capitis Posterior Major & Minor (+/-)
Legs (Base) Morph Dials:
MM Achilles Tendon (+/-)
MM Adductor Longus (+/-)
MM Biceps Femoris (+/-)
MM Gastrocnemius (+/-)
MM Hamstring Muscles (+/-)
MM Legs Lower Overall Volume (+/-)
MM Legs Upper Overall Volume (+/-)
MM Quadriceps (+/-)
MM Rectus Femoris (+/-)
MM Satorius (+/-)
MM Soleus (+/-)
MM Tibialis (+/-)
MM Vastus Lateralis (+/-)
MM Vastus Medialis (+/-)
Waist (Base) Morph Dials:
MM External Oblique (+/-)
MM Rectus Abdominus (+)
Genesis 9 Body Shapes Preset (.DUF)
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