Nahuel for Genesis 9 HD

Nahuel for Genesis 9 HD

Meet Nahuel (the H is silent), a stunning masculine character for Genesis 9 hailing from the southern part of Latin America.

With his chiseled features, toned body, and laid-back bohemian style, Nahuel is a true heartthrob.

When Nahuel is not working with horses at the family estate, he can be found honing his skills as a boxer at the gym. He is also an enthusiastic sailor, enjoying the sensation of the wind in his hair and the excitement of discovering new coastal cities to explore. After all of that adventure, Nahuel knows how to kick back and relax on the white sands of the beach after a wild night of partying during Carnaval.

Nahuel features include an HD head and body structure, HD hands and feet morphs, FiberMesh eyebrows and multiple beard props, a dynamic male anatomical elements shape, hyper-realistic skin, and a wide range of eye color materials.

Nahuel is the perfect addition to any 3D render, whether you want to create an adventurous hero scene or a more laid-back and mundane setting.

Nahuel for Genesis 9 HD: (.DUF)
HD Character Preset Apply/REM
HD Head Apply/REM
HD Body Apply/REM
HD Hands Apply/REM
HD Feet Head Apply/REM
Male Anatomical Elements Dynamic Morph Apply/REM
Navel Apply/REM
Nipples Apply/REM
Eyebrows Fibermesh Prop
Moustache Fibermesh Prop
Full Beard Fibermesh Prop
Stubble Beard Prop
Material Options:
Full Skin MAT
Eyelashes MAT
Tear Line MAT
06 Eye MAT
06 Facial Hair MATS
02 Male Anatomical Elements MATS
Pose Presets:
03 Male Anatomical Elements Position Pose Presets
Textures Include:
40 Texture, Normal, Roughness, and Sub-Surface Scatter Maps (50 x 250 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Nahuel for Genesis 9 HD

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