NGM for Elite Fantasia



Natural Gravity Morphs for Victoria 4 Elite Fantasia is a set of morphs that mimic the force of gravity on large breasts. Big breasts in Poser figures usually tend to grow perpendicular to the chest, which in the real world is impossible even with silicon implants. Breasts are soft and with some weight due to their size tend to move down attracted by the gravity force; they move down conforming the chest as they grow in size.
NGM for V4 Elite Fantasia is a great addition to Victoria 4 since it increases her power and versatility. Elite Fantasia looks is quite different from what you can obtain with regular morphs, but because of this extreme change of shape sometimes breast morphs like NGM for V4 don’t work properly or give strange results when applied. This is why I made this set of morphs. Also because the Elite morphs work very nice when you mix them together, a NGM for Elite Fantasia was required so this mix could be more natural and give the results the Elite morphs deserves.

Now you can obtain the same gorgeous effect of NGM morphs on Victoria 4 Elite Fantasia.

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