NGM Petite for V4

NGM Petite for V4
NGM are a series of morphs which simulate the effect of the gravity in the breasts of large size when the torso is in vertical position or standing. But not all breasts are equal and not all sizes are the same this is why I created this package with the idea of represent the small and the average breasts to have more options at the time of creating.
The morphs included for the smaller breast size in Victoria are good in general but at the time of seeking to obtain small and realistic shapes requires a long time, patience and above all this requires forms or movements not included in V4 hence the results often are not adequate. That is where enters NGM for V4.

NGM is designed for the big size breasts but NGM have a range of action fairly broad and is precisely this characteristic that contributes to give that something that the morphs from V4 lacks, doing an excellent combination and delivering fascinating results, see it for yourself!

Product Requirements:? NGM for V4

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