Niketa the Lioness HD Pro Bundle

Niketa the Lioness HD Pro Bundle comes with everything you need to turn your Niketa figure into an Egyptian queen and ruler. The bundle includes everything from the Starter Bundle and adds: deadlock style hair, an Egyptian style outfit fit for a queen, unique weapons, and a set of expressions made specifically for Niketa!

Included with the pro bundle is a free fur mask for the clothing that comes in Genesis 9 Starter Essentials.

Also for the first 30 days, as a Genesis 9 Pro Bundle Value Add we've included the following alternate shapes:

– Niketa Heavy

– Niketa Muscular

With these and the base character, you can take your new Genesis 9 Pro Bundle character through varying stages of life with the simple spin of a dial.

Please see each product's page for details.

Niketa the Lioness HD for Genesis 9
Niketa the Lioness Makeup Collection
JW Expressions for Niketa the Lioness
XYZ Low Ponytail Dreadlocks for Genesis 9, 8.1, and 8
Graelor Hair for Genesis 9
ND Celtic Jewels for Genesis 9
dforce Egyptian Goddess Outfit for Genesis 9
dForce Orenda Outfit for Genesis 9
Nefertari Weapons Collection
Feral Poses for Niketa 9

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