Nil-731 Military Utility Truck

Nil-731 Military Utility Truck

The Nil-731 is a large military personnel truck. With it’s size and drive-train it is capable of accessing and transporting personnel over any terrain, anywhere in the world!

This truck is rigged with a fully operating suspension system, front wheels and steering wheel are tied together through ERC controls, functioning left and right doors, all axles sway to the left and right (z axis), even the engine hood opens and closes giving you access to a fully modeled engine.

Careful attention to detail was taken in the modeling of this military truck to provide high end renders. The assorted Props give you an extra level of detail from cab parking lights to four different cargo attachments.

If you find yourself in a tough situation the Nil-731 can deliver you to the site where you “take care of business” and then bring you back home again!


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