Nocturne is a gorgeous pale skinned beauty with load of options for any kind of art. Nocturne has a carefully sculpted custom head morph, Custom Vampire fangs and custom nail morphs as well as 3 separate Body Morphs using the DAZ Morphs++, Elite Morphs, A4 Morphs.

1 Custom Head INJ/REM for V4
1 Custom Head INJ/REM for A4
Body INJ for A4
Body INJ for V4
Body INJ for V4 Elite/Morphs++
1 Custom Fang INJ/REM
Long Lashes INJ/REM
Wicked Nails INJ/REM
Square Nails INJ/REM

MAT Poses
1 Default Apply First Full MAT
1 Limb Tattoo MATs
1 Arm Tattoos Off MAT
1 Leg Tattoos Off MAT
1 Torso Tattoo MATs
1 Torso Tattoo Off MAT
1 Tattoo All MAT
14 Makeup MATs
1 Makeup Off MAT
16 Lip MATs
1 Lip Natural MAT
4 Eyelash MATs
11 Eye MATs
14 Nail MATs
1 Nail Natural MAT
DS2 Mats for all options
1 Default Face Texture and Bump
1 Default Body Texture and Bump
1 Default Limb Texture and Bump
1 Specular Face Texture and Bump
1 Specular Body Texture and Bump
1 Default Limb Texture and Bump
1 Tattooed Limb Texture
1 Tattooed Torso Texture
16 Lip Makeup Textures
14 Face Makeup Textures
11 Eye Textures
14 Nail Textures
4 Eyelash Transparency Maps
1 Eye Reflect Map
1 Eye Bump Maps
1 Mouth Texture

Bonus Jewelry Set:

1 Choker
Cross Earrings ( Left and Right )
Jewelry Textures:
1 Texture for the Jewelry
1 Reflection Maps for the Jewelry
Poser and DS MATS for Jewelry

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