Northern Castle Bedroom

The Northern Castle Bedroom is a fascinating place full of history and romantic tales.

It's a realistic, fantasy indoor environment with highly-detailed textures for your rendered scenes.

It includes the stone castle bedroom along with a queen bed, a wooden bathtub, a fireplace, and all the furniture and props you can find in a bedroom, which all are ready to render in Iray.

The preload scene also features materials and camera angles.

For those who like realistic historical environments or fantasy scenes, The Northern Castle Bedroom is a must-have.

You'll love the movie-like atmosphere you get with this set! Don't miss out!

Northern Castle Bedroom: (.DUF)
Scene Subsets:
NCB 0Northern Castle Bedroom Preload Scene
NCB Bathtub Group
NCB Bed Group
NCB Book Group 01
NCB Book Group 02
NCB Candle Group 01
NCB Candle Group 02
NCB Desk And Chair Group
NCB Desk Group
NCB Fireplace Props Group
NCB Long Cabinet Group
NCB Table Chair Group
NCB Tall Cabinet Group
NCB Wall Painting Group
NCB Wine Bottle Group
Zero Props:
NCB BathTub Wall
NCB Bed Cabinet
NCB Bedroom
NCB Blanket Large
NCB Blanket Small
NCB Book 01
NCB Book 02
NCB Book 03
NCB Book 04
NCB Book 05
NCB Book 06
NCB Book Open
NCB Bottle
NCB Box Large
NCB Box Small
NCB Candle Lamp Long
NCB Candle Lamp Small
NCB Candle Large
NCB Candle Light Large
NCB Candle Light Small
NCB Candle Short
NCB Ceiling Lamp
NCB Chair
NCB Chest Large
NCB Desk
NCB Fireplace Tool
NCB Fireplace
NCB Glass
NCB Ink Bottle
NCB Jewelry Box
NCB Letter
NCB Long Cabinet
NCB Metal Glass
NCB Mirror Plate
NCB Quill
NCB Scroll Open
NCB Scroll
NCB Shield Box
NCB Small Bottle
NCB Soap
NCB Stool
NCB Table
NCB Tall Lamp
NCB Triple Candle Lamp
NCB Wall Painting 01
NCB Wall Painting 02
NCB Wall Painting Board
NCB Wine Bottle
NCB Northern Castle Bedroom All-In-One Material Preset
NCB Northern Castle Bedroom Emissive Off
NCB Northern Castle Bedroom Emissive On
Textures Include:
104 Texture, Bump, Normal, Specular, and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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