Nosfearatu & the Old Coffin Bundle

“The light revealed a low vaulted ceiling, and there in the shadows, the coffin for which we’d searched revealed in the flickering flame. Cautiously, we edged closer, palms sweaty on the stakes and crufixes we were holding. As we got within arms reach, the sound of stone grating on stone stopped us in our tracks.

With horror, we watched as the lid slid aside, and long bony talons of fingers grasped the sides. We dropped our torches and fled, scattering in all directions. From behind me, I heard anguished screams and knew my comrades had fallen foul of the monster. Alone in the dark, I prayed in abject fear. From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimmer of light, the entrance to the catacombs. Running, I burst out into the dawn, the darkness of the crypt malevolent behind me and powerless in the clean light of day.”

Re-live the nightmare and venture into the darkest corners of fantasy, with this coffin designed for the Nofearatu character. Bring this dark and dusty tomb to unlife in your renders.

” Old Coffin “
Original unique geometry
Distinct design
Seperate coffin and lid, plus complete coffin

” Nosfearatu “
2 Custom Head Inj/Rem (Long Ear and Short Ear Versions)
1 Custom Body Inj/Rem
1 Custom Webbed Hand/Talon Inj/Rem
1 Custom Foot Inj/Rem
1 Teeth Fix Position Pose

Complete Default Base Texture
9 Head Options
8 Eye Options
3 Sclera Options (Blood Filled, Normal Blood Shot and Black Iris Halo)
3 Teeth Options (Aged,White and Blood Stained)
2 Talon Options (Natural and Black)
2 Tongue/Gums Options (Deep Red and Black)
2 Lacrimal Options (Natural and Black)

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