Nykta Hair

Nykta Hair are 2 conforming characters (Cr2),?Made especially for my Nykta character,but can be used with any other V4 character,?or M4 Aiko 4 and Girl 4,?The second Nykta Hair K4 (Cr2),Made for Kids 4 characters.
Nykta hair contain 20 material zones, 3 Handles for easy adjustment and?76 fit,adjustment,move,and much morphs presets for the bonus poses.
***BONUS 14 Poses for V4 and Millennium horse and matching Nykta hair morphs,?Inspired from Renaissance classic paintings and statues.

Package includes:

1 Nykta Hair (Cr2 hair preset).
1 Nykta Hair K4 (Cr2 hair preset).

Nykta hair contain 20 material zones,but I have combine them?to 7 main material zones, pose presets (pz2 & ds) for easy color mix:

10 color Texture mats.for the hair
10 color Texture mats,for Bangs 1
10 color Texture mats,for Bangs 2
10 color Texture mats,for Bangs 3
10 color Texture mats,for FrontHair
10 color Texture mats,for BackHair
10 color Texture mats,for Bun
10 color Texture mats,for Sculp

4 INJ&Rem Fits for V4,M4,Aiko4 & Girl4.
2 INJ&Rem Main Morphs for Nykta & Nykta Hait K4
2 INJ&Rem Bang Morphs for Nykta & Nykta Hait K4
1 INJ&Rem Special Bonus Morphs for the V4 Bonus Poses.

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